Tzvi Odzer
Tzvi Odzer Talks Business Trends for 2021

Tzvi Odzer Talks Business Trends for 2021

Tzvi Odzer welcomes the inspired and oddball business innovations that may come in 2021 or beyond.


Home Fitness and Automation Tzvi Odzer Looks Forward To

With the advent of the global pandemic, more people are working out at home with new fitness technology. Gadgets and apps are making this easier than ever, Tzvi Odzer noted. There are many examples that show how fitness technology has advanced. These include the following:


  • Fitness Trackers that also track heartrate
  • Smart scales that track weight goals and activity
  • Smart gym equipment for home
  • Devices that improve sleep
  • Tzvi Odzer recommends equipment such as Peloton and Mirror that incorporate virtual classes.


Robotics and automation continue to capture the imagination of investors and businesses. Machines do more work with every passing year. This includes both physical work and digital tasks such as that performed by chatbots. Tzvi Odzer says it is both alarming and exciting how fast these tools have developed to become effective personal assistants.


Unfortunately, robotic automation often costs people their jobs. On the other hand, it’s very exciting for businesses looking to control costs in the global slow down following the pandemic. Opportunities to invest in this area include robot repair and maintenance, robot programming, and the development of robots that can perform construction work or clean.


Tzvi Odzer Discusses 360 Degree Video and Micro Mobility

This is a selfie lover’s dream according to Tzvi Odzer. Being able to take 360-degree videos and photos is not new. However, new cameras with multiple lenses make it easier to do than previous technology. Immediate commercial applications for this technology include real estate showings and listings, feeds that advertise events to attract more patrons, and product videos.


Tzvi Odzer enumerates jobs in this area that include selling specialized video equipment, repairing 360-degree cameras, and video making that features this new technology.


If this is a new word for you, you are not alone. Micro Mobility refers to lightweight vehicles operating at low speeds for commuting purposes. These gadgets include e-bikes, electric skateboards and scooters, and similar equipment.


Tzvi Odzer imagines future businesses that sell or rent micro vehicles. Others may choose to develop apps that can be shared on micro-mobility vehicles to make the commute more interesting.


Space Tourism? Tzvi Odzer Says Why Not  

If we’re going to go there, says Tzvi Odzer, we might as well go all the way. Space tourism is a great opportunity for future business. Privatized space travel is still in its infancy but developing rapidly. In fact, there have already been space tourists from the United States and other countries. The price is steep, and tourism so far has been very limited.

Tzvi Odzer Talks About How The Coronavirus Has Impacted Businesses

Tzvi Odzer Talks About How The Coronavirus Has Impacted Businesses

Tzvi Odzer Talks About Coronavirus’ Impact on Businesses

There are no other professionals out there who understand the importance of business like Tzvi Odzer. He is an individual who has gone above and beyond in the world of business and is an expert at anything that he does. Tzvi Odzer knew that there was a serious problem that was going to happen whenever the coronavirus had hit the world. Businesses around the world were either shut down or seriously impacted by this deadly virus. Tzvi Odzer had some solutions in mind and thankfully they were implemented because they were so great. Even in the midst of the pandemic, Tzvi Odzer is still here to provide us with some reflections on what has happened during the coronavirus and how it is impacting businesses around the world.


Tzvi Odzer Explains That Workers Cannot Work


One of the biggest challenges that businesses face from the coronavirus is that it impacts the way that people work. The virus is highly contagious and anyone can contract it by being around another individual. Workplaces depend on people working together in tandem to be able to accomplish all of their tasks. Unfortunately, Tzvi Odzer knew there was a major problem with this when he realized that the virus meant that we had to practice social distancing. This meant that businesses had to change the way that they did business. Unfortunately, businesses in industries such as food and service were shut down completely for a good while. Tzvi Odzer knew that they would recover, but unfortunately, there were millions upon millions of people who were laid off during this time. This impacted the economy and President Trump had to issue stimulus checks in order to help us get back on our feet financially. Tzvi Odzer did the best he could to provide relief to individuals around the world affected by coronavirus including citizens in Israel.


Tzvi Odzer Talks About The Future of Business and The Coronavirus


The coronavirus is still affecting us today. Though businesses have slowly recovered from the impact that it had in the beginning, we are still beginning to see surges of coronavirus cases happening periodically. Tzvi Odzer knows that the only way to combat this is to change the way that we do business and practice proper social distancing while running our businesses. Tzvi Odzer says this is the one way we can keep our investments alive and also protect those we care about by preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Tzvi Odzer Discusses the Initiatives of the Department of Labor’s Disability Employment Policy

Tzvi Odzer recently discussed the Office of Disability Employment Policy initiatives outlined by the Department of Labor. 

 The U.S. Department of Labor looks out for people with disabilities and the companies who hire them. In fact, the Office of Disability Employment Policy outlined by the Department of Labor offers several initiatives to employers interested in hiring people with disabilities. Tzvi Odzer and his company promote and support agencies that hire people with disabilities. He recently discussed the additional steps the U.S. Department of Labor and its policy are now taking to protect and aid people with disabilities. 

“The new Office of Disability Employment Policy has taken several actions to help people with disabilities find work,” Tzvi Odzer said. “One of those actions is through the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion.” 

Tzvi Odzer explained that this is a 100-percent free service designed to educate employers on the benefits of hiring disabled employees. It also offers employers strategies for recruiting disabled employees, hiring them, retaining them, and advancing in the workplace. The service, also known as EARN, keeps a list of active job posting websites designed for people with disabilities who are seeking employment. 

“Many employers simply don’t know what to do to accommodate people with disabilities,” Tzvi Odzer said. “The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) helps these employers by providing free advice on the workplace accommodations that will be needed to assist certain individuals.” 

Tzvi OdzerTzvi Odzer added that the Campaign for Disability Employment also provides public service announcements and other media assets to teach employers about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. They emphasize the unmatched talent and value they can add to the workplace and overall economy. Tzvi Odzer explained that many employers find it difficult even to begin conversing about disability issues. These programs seek to remove the stigma and prove that people with disabilities can bring a lot of benefits to any workplace. 

Other incentives offered by the U.S. Department of Labor include tax incentives for employers who hire disabled employees, free how-to guides for employees, along with countless tools and programs to connect inclusive companies with people in the disability community. 

“The U.S. Department of Labor knows this isn’t always an easy topic for employers to discuss, so they offer several free guides on how to interview job candidates with disabilities, where to find qualified applicants, and how to accommodate people with disabilities in the workplace,” Tzvi Odzer said. 

Tzvi Odzer finished by stating that he hopes all of these actions being taken by the U.S. Department of Labor will result in more disabled employees entering the workforce. 


Tzvi Odzer Discusses The Importance of Being More Philanthropic in the Age of Covid-19

Tzvi Odzer is a brilliant entrepreneur who has attained a high level of success in the world of business. Although he has mainly worked in the distribution sector, Tzvi Odzer has also remained dedicated to using his success and resources to help the less fortunate. In these complex days and times, Tzvi Odzer encourages businesses of all sizes to become more philanthropic.

Tzvi OdzerIn the age of COVID-19, being more philanthropic is more essential than it ever was before. Not only have certain supplies and food items become scarce, but various costs are rising on many staples most Americans are accustomed to having. Moreover, a wide variety of businesses have been forced to close their doors permanently. This means unemployment rates will likely continue to rise for many days, months, or even years to come. Also, given there has only been one stimulus check delivered to the American people thus far. Also, the fact that the powers that be cannot seem to reach an agreement in terms of when or even if more relief will be deployed, has caused a widespread sense of uncertainty that seems to be tearing at the very fabric from which this country was built upon.

However, according to Tzvi Odzer, this is a fantastic time for successful companies to be more philanthropic. There are plenty of causes and charities seeking donations aimed at helping save the lives of Americans in need. Tzvi Odzer asserts that helping the less fortunate in one’s country or community is not only a great way to improve dismal circumstances, but this can also help companies raise brand awareness, find other professionals and companies to network with, and much more. Companies who have been considering regularly donating to a charity should jump into philanthropy head first. Actions such as holding a food drive, sending financial donations to local food kitchens and homeless shelters, or even offering financial help to those who have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus, can be excellent ways to help elevate the community.

About Tzvi Odzer

Tzvi Odzer has been a successful entrepreneur since he was 18. Although he now has over 30 years of experience, Tzvi Odzer kickstarted his first company in his parents’ basement. Despite his humble beginnings, Tzvi Odzer went on to be named the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000 in the area of distribution. Tzvi Odzer has also provided donations and funding to a wide variety of Jewish and non-Jewish causes. Mr. Odzer is known for being a continuous supporter of Bris Avrohom, a large non-profit that helps immigrants moving to the US from Russia. Even though he has been in the business world for over 30 years, Mr. Odzer is a family man who continues to be an amazing example for companies and entrepreneurs interested in using their acquired resources to give back to the less fortunate.

Entrepreneur Tzvi Odzer Creating Non-Profit to Distribute Masks

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the issue of whether or not to wear a mask has become a hotly debated topic despite many states having mask mandates in place. Many people believe if they are not in a high-risk category for the virus, they do not need to wear a mask. However, according to medical experts, mask-wearing helps protect others from the potentially deadly virus which is exactly why successful entrepreneur Tzvi Odzer is launching a campaign to provide masks for people who need them.

Tzvi Odzer, who grew up in Brooklyn, NY, started his first business at the age of 18 in the basement of his parents’ home, selling paper products by going door-to-door. He built on that foundation and after three decades, now owns and operates several distribution companies and has recently partnered with the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team and will have naming rights to the new arena in Henderson, Nevada.

“I am a big hockey fan, so I decided to merge two of my passions,” Tzvi Odzer has said in a recent Medium interview.

Odzer, who has created several scholarship programs for young entrepreneurs, is now using his money and influence to create a non-profit to provide masks to those in need during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has recommended that people wear cloth face coverings when in public settings if they are unable to maintain a social distance of at least six feet from others. For example, if a trip to the grocery store is necessary, wearing a mask will protect others if the person is infected with the virus as the virus is spread through droplets in the air.

Studies have shown that COVID-19 can be spread from person-to-person before symptoms appear through sneezing, coughing, or simply talking or shouting. A mask can prevent all or most of the droplets from spreading to another person by containing them inside the mask. The CDC recommends that people wear cloth masks so that N-95 masks and other medical-style masks can be left for use by those working in the healthcare field who have a greater chance of being exposed to the virus.

Tzvi Odzer wants to help provide masks to those that are at high-risk if infected by the virus, including people with breathing issues, elderly people, and people who have other underlying medical conditions.

Tzvi Odzer Provides Entrepreneurs Sound Tips on Navigating Your Business Virtually

It’s no surprise that the changes in today’s economic landscape have challenged and shaped businesses forever. One of the biggest transitions companies faced this year is doing business virtually online. This hasn’t been as big of a deal for some, but for others it’s a major overhaul. The changes largely depend on the industry of the business. Tzvi Odzer knows a thing or two about navigating through change. With 30 years’ experience in the distribution industry, he brings much knowledge about online and virtual business to the table. Steven Odzer shares his thoughts on how to succeed in doing business virtually in a COVID-19 world.

Tzvi Odzer’s Tip #1: Remember Your Relationships

Regardless of the operational changes your company makes, Tzvi Odzer emphasizes the power of maintaining your business relationships. Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft’s technology will have their hiccups and situations. Even pandemics are temporary. They will come and go. But loyal customer relationships will last for years, sometimes even decades. “My father taught me to surround myself with important people,” says Tzvi Odzer. He stresses businesses to not forget about honoring repeat customers and business partners in your long-distance networking.

Tzvi Odzer’s Tip #2: Take Advantage of Globalization

The majority of employees who are working from home must adapt to changes in the workplace ecosystem. “The good news is you can take advantage of the situation,” explains Tzvi Odzer. Typical barriers in a traditional office are done away within a virtual environment. With long-distance communication, your team really can work together no matter where they are – one in Mexico City, one in New York, and another in Tokyo, for example. This opens the door to an opportunity of true global commerce that’s here now but may not be seen again.

Tzvi Odzer’s Tip #3: Be Transparent

Now is not the time to “put on airs” to your colleagues. Every one of us on the planet is going through the same situation right now. It’s affecting us all in some way or another, whether it concerns our stock portfolio, schooling the kids, or caring for an immune-compromised loved one. Simply put, to be transparent with yourself and your business partners is to be human. So go ahead and let your dog say hello in the Zoom call! Honest camaraderie with your colleagues strengthens teamwork and relationships vital in our world today.

Tzvi Odzer shares his career’s humble beginnings. “I started my first company at age 18 out of my parents’ basement,” he says. Not unlike the current situation of working from home, Odzer reflects how the experience of working with his family bolstered his business. He credits it for earning the title of Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” of distribution in 2000.


Tzvi Odzer Discusses Five Tips For Young Business Professionals

Whether you’re just getting started with your own business or thinking about advancing your professional business career, you know how important it is to listen to people who have been through the ups and downs of business in their own lives. Check out business guru Tzvi Odzer’s five tips for young people who are ready to become movers and shakers in the world of business.

First, know your worth. If you’re in a room where decisions are being made, you’re there because the people in charge believe you can contribute. Tzvi Odzer recommends speaking up when you have something to say, not shutting yourself down because someone else in the room has more professional experience. Remember, your life has afforded you a perspective that’s unique to you and may contribute to creating valuable solutions in business. When you feel the urge to say something, remember – Tzvi Odzer thinks you should.

Remember that both soft skills and technical skills matter. While you may know the ins and outs of your industry, your people skills matter too. Tzvi Odzer recommends regularly taking inventory of what soft skills you need to improve, and then putting in the work to do so. If you’re not sure what soft skills you’re lacking, talk to a trusted supervisor or coworker for some feedback on how you can better relate to clients and others in the office.

Tzvi Odzer (1)

Tzvi Odzer believes in the power of hard work – and you should too. There’s no substitute for putting in the long hours required to make it to the top, especially if you’re just getting started. This doesn’t mean that you need to live in the office, but Tzvi Odzer says that showing up before your boss and leaving after they leave – even if it’s only one or two days a week – can make a big impact on how you’re viewed at work.

Surrounding yourself with people who have similar professional goals is key, according to Tzvi Odzer. Try to distance yourself from people who have negative attitudes or are there just to clock in and clock out every day. You want to get to know others who have aspirations of growing in their career. Tzvi Odzer says to remember that the five people you spend the most time with have great influence on your life – choose those people wisely.

Tzvi Odzer also recommends doing your homework before you bring an idea to your superiors. When you have a strong opinion about changes your business needs to make, be sure you have the data to back up your opinion. Tzvi Odzer states that doing your research can also help you state your opinion with confidence, making it clear that you know what you’re talking about.

Helping Russian Immigrants: How Tzvi Odzer Is Doing His Part

Tzvi Odzer has always been passionate about helping others, and he’s been dedicating his time to working with Bris Avrohom. Founded in 1979, Bris Avrohom was created to help Russian Jewish immigrants settle into the New York area. 

Known for his work with both Jewish and secular charities, Tzvi Odzer has dedicated copious amounts of time and financial resources to Bris Avrohom. 

The organization recognizes how tough it can be for Jewish immigrants to find their footing in a new country, and with support from donors like Tzvi Odzer, Bris Avrohom is able to provide Jewish Russian immigrants with many community services, such as preschool, senior citizen gatherings, educational classes for immigrants of all ages, and more. 

Tzvi OdzerTzvi Odzer supports all locations of Bris Avrohom, including those in Jersey City, Brooklyn, Hillside, Fair Lawn, and Zhitomir, Ukraine.

A longtime supporter of developing a sense of community for Jewish people in the New York and New Jersey areas, Tzvi Odzer is proud to dedicate his time and resources to a cause that’s near and dear to his heart. Growing up in New York, Tzvi Odzer had the chance to get to know many people who were coming to the United States for the first time, and grew passionate about helping them find their community in their new home.

Bris Avrohom is thankful to supporters like Tzvi Odzer who provide the means necessary to provide ongoing programming to help new Jewish community members grow and thrive in New York and New Jersey. While Bris Avrohom is known for their work with immigrants, they also work with others in the Jewish community. It’s their mission to help every Jew discover and learn more about their heritage, and establish strong ties to their roots. Many Jewish people in the New York and New Jersey areas are thankful to Bris Avrohom and supporters like Tzvi Odzer for providing a way to link up with others in their community

Tzvi Odzer is known throughout not just the New York and New Jersey areas, but throughout the United States, for his charity and generosity. His business acumen has provided him with a unique position that allows him to give to organizations, including the Republican party, in a way that makes a true difference in how the organization runs. In addition to supporting Bris Avrohom, the Republican party, and other charities, Tzvi Odzer is also known as an advocate for the employment of people who are disabled. Tzvi Odzer believes not just in making waves in business – but also making waves in charity for the good of others.

Tzvi Odzer Explores Teaching Judaism in a Virtual Manner

Jewish Students Need to Learn Judaism Properly, Tzvi Odzer Explains

There’s a significant amount of information taught to Jewish kids regarding their religion. Many kids will attend Jewish school in order to learn about Judaism. This includes learning Hebrew, how to read the Torah, and the various ways to ensure they follow a Jewish way of life, in and out of Synagogue. Tzvi Odzer identifies that there may be the need to provide the lessons in a virtual manner.

Tzvi Odzer explains that students are struggling to learn anything about Judaism right now. Schools have closed due to the pandemic. There are questions about when they’ll open back up. Meanwhile, there are many kids preparing for their bar or bat mitzvahs.

Even beyond the celebration of turning 13, kids need to have an ongoing education of their religion, Tzvi Odzer explains. With many synagogues around the country choosing to go to a live stream, he reckons that schools will start to do the same thing.

Particularly with kids who go to public school, they’re not getting their lessons in Judaism at school. As such, they attend classes elsewhere to learn more about the Torah and what it means to be Jewish.

Tzvi Odzer

There’s going to be more virtual classes available, Tzvi Odzer suggests. Many Jewish communities have already been talking about how to meet students’ needs. If Saturday services can be live-streamed, so can the courses to help kids with their Judaism requirements.

By providing virtual classes, Tzvi Odzer suggests that students won’t have to wait. Most kids wait for two or three years in anticipation of a bar or bat mitzvah. They don’t want to wait any longer to celebrate. Even if the celebrations are slightly altered because of the pandemic, it’s still worth celebrating. However, Tzvi Odzer acknowledges that the celebrations can only move forward if they have been receiving the education that they need.

With virtual classes, students can still learn. They can have face-to-face time with a teacher to learn about the Torah. Just as they can learn math and science in a virtual setting, the same can be said about everything else.

While it doesn’t provide the same level of excitement as what goes on in the classroom, it still meets the basic needs, Tzvi Odzer explains. Students won’t get to spend time with one another. They may not get the same level of socialization. However, there are still plenty of ways for students to interact, even if the Jewish classes are virtual. They can see each other on their live cameras and set up chats.

The pandemic has caused schools across the country to re-think how they’re going to provide the necessary education. As long as families have the technology, the studies shouldn’t be interrupted. Students will simply have to evolve to a virtual setting, as Tzvi Odzer suggests.

Tzvi Odzer Discusses Struggling Sports Market Showcase the Impact of Covid-19

Tzvi Odzer and his success in the business field has been fueled by a love of competition best shown in his athletic drive. Over the years, he has become almost as known for his sporting success as his business capabilities. Unfortunately, he has watched the spread of Covid-19 into the sporting arena and is worried about how professional sports may be affected. Though these leagues may seem too big to fail, Tzvi Odzer is concerned that lengthy droughts of playing may put them in jeopardy. 

Limitations Placed on Sports 

As Covid-19 began spreading rapidly, Tzvi Odzer noted that many sports organizations were going to be impacted heavily. And he was right: the new XFL league folded after a promising start, costing millions of dollars to investors. Beyond these types of associations, though, Tzvi Odzer also believed that well-established leagues were going to suffer some difficulties. 

Unfortunately, this has been the case. The NBA was forced to cancel the season after several players tested positive for the disease. Such cancellations are not cheap: Tzvi Odzer estimated several million dollars of revenue would disappear for the league, including game ticket sales and, most importantly, broadcast revenue. And he was, unfortunately, right and the league has suffered as Tzvi Odzer predicted

As Covid-19 spread and became more present, and the idea of playing in empty arenas became a potential reality, the baseball season was pushed back further. Players and owners could not come to an agreement, which Tzvi Odzer had predicted, as players did not want to participate in profit sharing and wanted their contracts honored. As a result, nobody is sure if there will even be a season. And sadly, professional sports were not the only issue here, either. 

How Other Sports Have Been Affected 

On social media, Tzvi Odzer noticed dozens of his followers lamenting that their child’s senior sports year was gone. Basketball championships, baseball seasons, and much more were all canceled. For promising teams aiming for a state championship, this was heartbreaking. And costly – Tzvi Odzer notes that many schools get large amounts of money hosting winning teams. 

So while the number of new infections has declined and sporting events have been opened up a little, Tzvi Odzer notes that the kind of profit needed to keep high school, collegiate, and professional sports lucrative may be disappearing. That effect is indicative, he believes, of the types of struggles that are going to be occurring throughout this pandemic. 

What upsets Tzvi Odzer and others most of all, though, is that there isn’t much of a solution to this problem. Playing in empty stadiums would at least get teams money for broadcasts. However, the logistics here would be a nightmare, Tzvi Odzer believes. And as the pandemic stretches on, the problem may become direr and require bailouts to prevent bankruptcies.