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Tzvi Odzer Discusses Five Tips For Young Business Professionals

Whether you’re just getting started with your own business or thinking about advancing your professional business career, you know how important it is to listen to people who have been through the ups and downs of business in their own lives. Check out business guru Tzvi Odzer’s five tips for young people who are ready to become movers and shakers in the world of business.

First, know your worth. If you’re in a room where decisions are being made, you’re there because the people in charge believe you can contribute. Tzvi Odzer recommends speaking up when you have something to say, not shutting yourself down because someone else in the room has more professional experience. Remember, your life has afforded you a perspective that’s unique to you and may contribute to creating valuable solutions in business. When you feel the urge to say something, remember – Tzvi Odzer thinks you should.

Remember that both soft skills and technical skills matter. While you may know the ins and outs of your industry, your people skills matter too. Tzvi Odzer recommends regularly taking inventory of what soft skills you need to improve, and then putting in the work to do so. If you’re not sure what soft skills you’re lacking, talk to a trusted supervisor or coworker for some feedback on how you can better relate to clients and others in the office.

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Tzvi Odzer believes in the power of hard work – and you should too. There’s no substitute for putting in the long hours required to make it to the top, especially if you’re just getting started. This doesn’t mean that you need to live in the office, but Tzvi Odzer says that showing up before your boss and leaving after they leave – even if it’s only one or two days a week – can make a big impact on how you’re viewed at work.

Surrounding yourself with people who have similar professional goals is key, according to Tzvi Odzer. Try to distance yourself from people who have negative attitudes or are there just to clock in and clock out every day. You want to get to know others who have aspirations of growing in their career. Tzvi Odzer says to remember that the five people you spend the most time with have great influence on your life – choose those people wisely.

Tzvi Odzer also recommends doing your homework before you bring an idea to your superiors. When you have a strong opinion about changes your business needs to make, be sure you have the data to back up your opinion. Tzvi Odzer states that doing your research can also help you state your opinion with confidence, making it clear that you know what you’re talking about.

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