Tzvi Odzer
Tzvi Odzer Talks Business Trends for 2021

Tzvi Odzer Talks Business Trends for 2021

Tzvi Odzer welcomes the inspired and oddball business innovations that may come in 2021 or beyond.


Home Fitness and Automation Tzvi Odzer Looks Forward To

With the advent of the global pandemic, more people are working out at home with new fitness technology. Gadgets and apps are making this easier than ever, Tzvi Odzer noted. There are many examples that show how fitness technology has advanced. These include the following:


  • Fitness Trackers that also track heartrate
  • Smart scales that track weight goals and activity
  • Smart gym equipment for home
  • Devices that improve sleep
  • Tzvi Odzer recommends equipment such as Peloton and Mirror that incorporate virtual classes.


Robotics and automation continue to capture the imagination of investors and businesses. Machines do more work with every passing year. This includes both physical work and digital tasks such as that performed by chatbots. Tzvi Odzer says it is both alarming and exciting how fast these tools have developed to become effective personal assistants.


Unfortunately, robotic automation often costs people their jobs. On the other hand, it’s very exciting for businesses looking to control costs in the global slow down following the pandemic. Opportunities to invest in this area include robot repair and maintenance, robot programming, and the development of robots that can perform construction work or clean.


Tzvi Odzer Discusses 360 Degree Video and Micro Mobility

This is a selfie lover’s dream according to Tzvi Odzer. Being able to take 360-degree videos and photos is not new. However, new cameras with multiple lenses make it easier to do than previous technology. Immediate commercial applications for this technology include real estate showings and listings, feeds that advertise events to attract more patrons, and product videos.


Tzvi Odzer enumerates jobs in this area that include selling specialized video equipment, repairing 360-degree cameras, and video making that features this new technology.


If this is a new word for you, you are not alone. Micro Mobility refers to lightweight vehicles operating at low speeds for commuting purposes. These gadgets include e-bikes, electric skateboards and scooters, and similar equipment.


Tzvi Odzer imagines future businesses that sell or rent micro vehicles. Others may choose to develop apps that can be shared on micro-mobility vehicles to make the commute more interesting.


Space Tourism? Tzvi Odzer Says Why Not  

If we’re going to go there, says Tzvi Odzer, we might as well go all the way. Space tourism is a great opportunity for future business. Privatized space travel is still in its infancy but developing rapidly. In fact, there have already been space tourists from the United States and other countries. The price is steep, and tourism so far has been very limited.

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